My Taxes? I Filed by Phone [telecom]

My Taxes? I Filed by Phone

By VERNE G. KOPYTOFF January 14, 2011

SAN FRANCISCO - Few chores are as unpleasant as doing taxes. But filers can avoid some of the drudgery by turning it over to their mobile phones.

Intuit, the company that makes TurboTax software, introduced an application on Friday that lets users automatically fill out the

1040EZ, the most basic of the I.R.S. personal tax forms. Filers simply photograph their W-2 and the app does much of the rest.

Intuit's SnapTax app, available for the iPhone and Android phones, relies on image-recognition technology to read salary and withholding information from the W-2. Users answer a few questions and review their return for accuracy before submitting it electronically by tapping a File Now button.

Intuit charges $15 for each filing through the app, and it says that completing a return can take as little as 15 minutes.

The app is intended for consumers who are increasingly using their mobile phones for everything, including shopping and banking online. Taxes are just the next step, although it may take some getting used to for people who are accustomed to preparing their returns with a pencil and calculator or on a desktop computer.


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Monty Solomon
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Is it just me or does the above seem idiotic to others, too? Where are the copies of everything in case there's a problem with an order or with a banking transaction or the tax filing?

I'm not a Luddite: .

For my online banking, every screen is saved as a "Printed" PDF for reference. For online shopping, I collect even more info. To show you what I mean as an example, here's a ls showing the PDF screenshots and email resulting from a recent transaction with NewEgg buying 4GB RAM to upgrade one of my systems:

REGULUS bash 1/3900> pwd /cygdrive/c/Users/thad/Desktop/ORDERS/2010.12.13_NewEgg REGULUS bash 1/3900> ls -1 00_Mushkin_RAM.pdf 01_shopping_cart.pdf 02_shipping+payment_options.pdf 03_verify_order.pdf 04_verified_by_Visa.pdf 05_order_confirmation.pdf 06_confirmation_print_page.pdf 0WHERE_Mushkin.txt Mushkin_996756_4GB_DDR2.pdf - DHL Tracking.eml - Invoice.eml - Order Confirmation.eml - Payment Charged.eml TRAK_1.pdf TRAK_2.pdf TRAK_3.pdf TRAK_4_delivered.pdf tracking_number_DHL_GlobalMail.txt REGULUS bash 1/3900>

How would anyone even be able to save any of that information using a smartphone? I'd really like to know. Or do "smartphone" users simply not care?

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Thad Floryan

My impression is that lots of folks (not just smartphone users) believe that all those records are already being stored for them somewhere on the web, where they'll be available "forever" if needed.

I, like you, disagree (of course), as I've seen some such records vanish, without warning, within 3 months (the billing records of the former dial-up ISP at&t WorldNet, to name but one example).

Cheers, -- tlvp

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