MCI (Was: Foreign Listings for Residences)

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[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Speaking as you did of Bill McGowan, he > was another real winner! He and MCI came to getting MCI > circuits (which of course, like everything else in those days had to > be leased from AT&T) cut off when a couple of MCI checks *bounced* for > lack of money. Yes, MCI had some tough times financially in the early > days. AT&T bill collectors had been giving MCI the riot act; 'quit > stalling; pay your bills or get sued; and we will cut you.' Period, > end of discussion.

Like many start-ups MCI (Microwave Communications, Inc.) had its share of troubling days in the money department. But sooner or later they moved past that issue and their bank account was filling on a regular basis. It was then that some wag in their Accounting department explained that MCI stood for "Money Coming In"!

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