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When I was a kid, I used to go through my emails using my Apple IIe and a modem. I only received real emails, from real people. No refinancing, no drugs, no porno, no scams, no spam. Just real email messages from my pals around the world. Do you remember how it was? When every email was an email from a friend? And we all thought this peaceful, friendly cyberspace would last forever.

A few hundred spammers have ruined our dream. They've clogged our mailboxes with filth. Already, 80% of email traffic is made up of spam. Let us no longer blind ourselves to the irrefutable facts: current measures have failed to stop spammers. The experience of the past several years has proven that passive measures are just not the answer.

Deterrence is the only real answer to spam. We need to deter spammers from sending us junk. We can reclaim our email experience. All we need is decisive action to establish deterrence in the mind of spammers.

We must not underestimate the magnitude of the task which lies before us. We are fighting for the future of the Internet. What we need to do now is get as many users as possible into our community -- have as many computers working together to induce commercial loss on spammers. If you haven't signed up with the registry and installed a blue frog yet, please sign up now. If your friends have not yet joined us, convince them to do so.

Let's stop filtering spam, and start deterring spammers. Together, we CAN reclaim the Internet.

Posted by Eran Reshef Jul 17, 2005 08:19


A Response from Philippe - Jul 20, 2005 02:32 (#1 Total: 1)

Great idea for a company

More detail on how to use this effectively is needed.

Where can you forward your unsolicited spam to? How many complaints have been submitted for you (like a tally? I hope this expands into a great thing. I think a key factor will be explaining to someone when they join what they need to do and the steps they should go through. Make it dummyproof.

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