History--ad for Teletype [telecom]

The following is a copy of text from an advertisement for Teletype machines in 1966. It is accompanied by a line drawing of a model 35 being installed.


Speeding up the collection and distribution of information is the first step toward effective on-line data processing. And Teletype machines are still the most versatile, reliable, and least costly terminal equipment available today.

Teletype Model 33 and 35 page printers and automatic send-receive sets operate on the same permutation code approved by the American Standards Association for information interchange. This means they "talk" the same language as most business machines and computers.

The Voice of Data Processing: In many data processing systems, this Teletype equipment is used as input/ output devices for computers as well as for on-line communications. In addition, they can be used to punch messages and data off-line for later transmission on-line at full speed to distant points or directly to computers.

These sets have new 4-row keyboards that are familiar to any typist, and eliminate shifting between letters and numbers to further reduce errors. Also, fixed information can be stored on punched paper tape and combined with variable data to save retyping.

Data Processing Uses of Teletype Sets: An eastern food processor uses Teletype page printers to receive transmissions from its midwestern branches reporting their daily sales and inventories. These statistics are processed in a computer which provides management with up-to-date information on inventory and sales conditions.

A Texas gas company uses Teletype page printers not only to communicate messages and accounting data, but also to transmit information about field measurement equipment to the home office.

Other Teletype page printer applications include: airlines for real-time reservations, railroads to maintain optimum freight car inventory, insurance companies for real-time processing of policy payments and claims, hospitals to forward patient-treatment information to centralized billing and accounting, and in many other communications systems to speed the flow of information.

Applications Brochure Available: The many applications of Teletype page printers in real-time data processing are another reason why they are made for the Bell System and others who need reliable communications at the lowest possible cost. To obtain a copy of our "HERE'S HOW" brochure write: Teletype Corporation

Computers & Automation, January 1966.

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