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Looks like these bills are:

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Might be worth a letter of support.

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I am pleased to let you know that I am an original cosponsor of the Counter Spy Act of 2007, S.1625, authored by Senator Mark Pryor. Our legislation is designed to address increasing concerns that I have heard coming from many people, especially Californians, about unauthorized software - called "spyware" - being loaded on their computers.

Spyware is generally downloaded without the user's knowledge or consent during another software download. Once it is downloaded, it is almost impossible to remove. It is estimated that the overwhelming majority of computers have received spyware downloads without the owners' knowledge.

Spyware raises significant privacy concerns because it typically allows the collection and transmission of information about the user. It also raises significant concerns about identity theft and other economic crimes. And it can cause numerous computer problems such as computer crashes, and redirecting the computer user's Internet browser.

Our bill would make it illegal for companies or other computer uses to implant spyware on a person's computer without their consent. The bill provides the Federal Trade Commission with authority to enforce the law and provides for civil action against violators.

I believe that the Internet has provided significant benefits to our society and economy through the dissemination of information. I do not want to discourage the legitimate transfer and downloading of software. However, each computer owner should be able to decide what is downloaded onto their computer. Our bill gives individuals the ability to make this choice.


Barbara Boxer United States Senator


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