FCC Proposes Expansion of Text-to-911 Mandate to ALL Texting Service Providers [telecom]

by Tony Lee, CommLawBlog, February 7, 2014

| Comments sought on how and when text-to-911 should be required | across-the-board, including by interconnected "over the top" | services | | Pity the poor FCC. Saddled with an outdated governing statute and | limited resources, it's supposed to regulate newly-minted whiz bang | technologies that get embraced by the public seemingly before the | FCC even learns about them. And when it tries to get ahead of the | curve, it occasionally gets too far ahead. Case in point: its text- | to-911 bounce-back rule for roaming customers. A great idea on | paper but, as the FCC learned, beyond the capabilities of existing | technology, the result being a last-minute revision to the rule | last September.


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