FCC Chairman: Bandwidth Shortage Threatens Future of Cell Phones [Telecom]

SAN DIEGO - The chairman of the Federal Communications Commission
warned Wednesday of "a looming spectrum crisis" if the government
fails to find ways to come up with more bandwidth for mobile devices.
Julius Genachowski said the government is tripling the amount of
spectrum available for commercial uses. The problem is that many
industry experts predict wireless traffic will increase 30 times
because of online video and other bandwidth-heavy applications.
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John Mayson
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Maybe it will all die a natural death, then folks can rediscover wireline service.
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There will be a couple of generations before cellular users get tired of their electronic leash: as I've been saying for a long time, the only thing money can really buy is the right to be left alone.
I don't know if the backlash will start because of the cellular generation getting older and wiser, or because some efficiency expert will prove how much being constantly turned on impairs real productivity - but it will happen.
Bill Horne Moderator
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Sam Spade
And we will be going back to SXS, regulation and The Bell System.
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Well, we are already headed back to the Bell System, wireline or wireless. Regulation? I think not except perhaps more cops to stop the highway deaths from wireless "communications."
SXS? Are you even remotely serious? If so, then we can exchange modern cars for Model Ts and perhaps the highway deaths from the inane use of wireless will dramatically decrease. (tongue embedded in cheek mode)
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Sam Spade
It took skills to install and work in them, a monkey could run an electronic office, in fact with the problems I have had lately I think they are.
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