Father Convicted of Raping Daughter, age 3 on Vidcam in AOL Chatroom

A man who was arrested after offering to have sex with a toddler live on the Internet was convicted of raping his 3-year-old daughter and could face life in prison.

The man's wife was also charged with sexually abusing their children but was found incompetent to stand trial and is undergoing treatment.

Prosecutor Joe Deters said both Paul Kraft, 32, and his wife sexually abused their four sons and daughter, ages 1 to 6, over the past year. Robin Kraft, 25, faced 17 charges, including rape and attempted rape, mostly over Internet in chatrooms.

Paul Kraft was arrested after he encountered an undercover Secret Service agent last March in an AOL chat room called "baby and preteen sex." In an online exchange, Kraft offered to rape a

3-year-old live on the Internet if another person would do the same so he could watch, prosecutors said.

The agent contacted Hamilton County sheriff's deputies, who arrested Kraft at home. Kraft later admitted they "did that sort of thing a lot on AOL in chat rooms with kids, letting other adults watch, and they would do the same with their kids."

Kraft waived his right to a jury trial, and Judge Charles J. Kubicki convicted him Thursday of five charges of rape and 12 charges of pandering sexually oriented material involving a minor.

The children, now in foster care, initially had limited language skills but developed enough over the past 10 months to tell authorities what happened to them, Deters said. His office has opposed efforts by members of the couple's family to gain custody of the children.

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