Don't Believe AT&T's Net Neutrality Lies [telecom]

AT&T has promised to be good if the FCC overturns the Net Neutrality rules. The problem is, you can't trust AT&T.

by Matt Wood, Dana Floberg

Last week, AT&T Senior Vice President Bob Quinn tried (and failed) to undercut Net Neutrality supporters by insisting that Free Press has been foretelling doom and gloom since 2010. That's when the FCC adop- ted weak open-internet rules that didn't fully protect mobile access. Quinn claims that none of Free Press' predictions about wireless carriers engaging in blocking ever came true - but he conveniently overlooks how AT&T blocked FaceTime on its cellular networks in

2012 and 2013.

Let's refresh the recollection of our forgetful friends at AT&T. From its launch, Apple's FaceTime app worked over a Wi-Fi connection, but at first it was not available over a cellular connection. That changed in 2012 - but not for AT&T customers.

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