Congress: Be Afraid of the Big Red Menace! [telecom]

This is also from TechDirt:

Congress: Fear Chinese Networking Companies! But Ignore That China Makes All Our Networking Equipment!

from the where's-the-smoking-gun? dept

For years, there have been reports or whispers about how Chinese networking giant, Huawei, might not be trustworthy. Specifically, people talked about how China might hide trojan horses in the equipment for economic espionage or even cyberattack reasons. These rumors got so loud that Huawei last year flat out told the US government to investigate it and come to its own conclusion. Well, the House Intelligence Committee has done exactly that... and Huawei is not pleased. Despite the investigation coming at its own request, with its promises to be as open as it could be, the report slams Huawei and another company ZTE, and basically says "don't trust these companies."

Now, I'm a red-blooded, right-thinking, gun-^h^h^h^hfreedom-loving Americun jest like everyone else, and I saw this on thet TV program "60 Minutiae" so I know it's really true. I'm calling on all you other patriots to write to your Congresscritter and tell it to vote for more money for our Nitionel Defens!

Bill, who just looked up the definition of "Stockholm Syndrome" and read "See 'Tea Party'".

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