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Market Update BT Emerges on Top in U.K. VoIP Race

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The United Kingdom's incumbent fixed-line telco, BT, has steadied its grip as the top VoIP provider in the country, despite the presence of new start-ups in the U.K. market. The company's 'BT Broadband Talk' already towers above its rivals, effectively snuffing out any hopes of a major VoIP drive in the country. In its ...

Synterra Announces US$80-Mil. Outlay on Fibre-Optic Networks

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Alternative CIS operator Synterra has announced that it is investing US$80 million in the construction of fibre-optic networks this year, reports Prime-Tass. The networks-to be built by TechnoServ A/S-will stretch 6,500 km across 50 regions, and are due for completion in September 2007. Significance: After receiving a long-distance ...

Interested Parties Take Positions in U.S. Spectrum Scramble

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Following the end of the period for public comment on how rules for the upcoming auction of spectrum should be set up, various interested parties have made comments. A new lobby group, calling itself The Wireless Founders Coalition for Innovation, has been set up by several influential players in the wireless business-including Amol ...

GotZapp Gets Going

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Social networking technology is on the move -- from desktop and notebook PCs to mobile phone handsets. Helping to spearhead the transition is GotZapp, a mobile social networking software and service combo from Cincinnati-based software developer Trivantis. GotZapp allows users to create and send multimedia content to mobile phones in a ...

Companies and the Customers Who Hate Them

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This article includes a one-page preview that quickly summarizes the key ideas and provides an overview of how the concepts work in practice along with suggestions for further reading. Why do companies bind customers with contracts, bleed them with fees, and baffle them with fine print? Because bewildered customers, who often make bad ...

MVNO Malaise Strikes Again And Again

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Struggling French mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) Ten Mobile has gone on the block, according to reports this morning, and fellow French MVNO Debitel has finally found a potential buyer after months of looking. Meanwhile across the pond it turns out that troubled American MVNO Ampd, which filed for bankruptcy protection...

AT&T's New Navigation Service

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AT&T has announced that its wireless customers now have direct access to traffic information and rerouting services through TeleNav Traffic, offered initially on the BlackBerry 8800, BlackBerry Pearl, BlackBerry 8700c and the new BlackBerry Curve. TeleNav Traffic alerts users through voice and on-screen prompts to traffic ...

Ericsson Snaps Up SDP Firm

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Only days after announcing the acquisition of billing company LHS Group , Ericsson AB has opened its wallet again to acquire service delivery platform (SDP) specialist Drutt Corp. for an undisclosed sum. Ericsson's move is yet another sign that the increasingly important but fragmented SDP market is entering a ...

Qualcomm's 3G Chips Chopped

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A ban on some phones using Qualcomm Inc. chips won't exactly shake the industry, analysts say. A statement from research firm ISuppli Corp. today says the ban "will have only a limited impact on the global wireless communications industry in the short term." It estimates the ruling will affect 4.2 million phones, ...

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