Aereo wants a TV revolution, if the Supreme Court will let it [telecom]

By Scott Helman, The Boston Globe, June 05, 2014

Can a daring entrepreneur from Newton and his team of technologists upend the way we watch TV? Only if the Supreme Court doesn't quash their idea first.

This tiny antenna could revolutionize the way we watch tv. But first Chet Kanojia needs the Supreme Court to see things his way.

DON'T CALL CHET KANOJIA A DISRUPTER. First, it's hackneyed. "You go around in [Silicon] Valley, every punk is running around saying, you know, 'Disrupt, disrupt, disrupt,' " he says. "It's like, 'Dude, you have no idea what you're talking about.' "

Kanojia, a Newton entrepreneur who's trying to lead a TV revolution, does know what he's talking about . Which brings us to his second objection. Disruption, he says, is too often conflated with destruction, which is not his goal. He's not out to destroy TV networks or the cable industry, he insists. Just to make things better for viewers. "Something's gotta give," he says, citing continued increases in cable rates. "Otherwise you end up in a system where it's another mortgage payment."


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