Free industry information.

Free Information? This Association isn't out for your $$$. Instead, it defe nd your rights as a business owner.

The Arizona Alarm Dealers Association provides information that helps "Alar m Dealers" across the country. You can visit their website for free informa tion and see what Alarm Dealers in Arizona are doing to fight back @ http:/ / and you can also like their FB page. Both provide free information to even non members. Membership fees are $30 per year and only actual Alarm Dealers are allowed memberships. No Police Departments, Suppliers, or Monitoring Stations are allowed membership. This defends agai nst Alarm Dealers being misrepresented, as is the case with most so called Alarm Associations.

Warning! Do not confuse the Arizona Alarm Dealers Association with the Ariz ona Alarm Association. The Arizona Alarm Association is made up of 40 Polic e Departments and only about 30 big companies who can afford the $500 + per year. That association is a case of collusion between Government and Corpo rate America to bring about increased regulations and protectionist Governm ent allowing increased taxes for Government and less competition for Corpor ate America.

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