Brinks Home Security Rip Off Alerts

I left brinks because of the all the lies they tell their customers all in the name of profit. Canada now has laws to better protect consumers against these bullies. The USA should take notes and force brinks to stop the reign of terror against the american public.

Angry Man In Gauteng

Brinks Home Security Brinks rep lies and company cheats Irving Texas Sales Rep Lies and Company Cheats. I sold my house and moved in with someone who already had their own system. Brinks would not release me from my contract even though I didn't own a home!! In essence they made me pay for something I could not possibly use. Brinks is more interested in jailing you into their three year contract than keeping you a customer for life. By the way, my sales rep told me that if this situation were to occur, I would be released from the contract. The sales reps lie so make sure to read the fine print (and there is alot of it!).

Laura hollywood, Florida U.S.A.

Brinks Home Security ripoff Tulsa Oklahoma Wow, so if you have a contract with Brinks Home Security in Oklahoma, I strongly suggest reading up on the State of Oklahoma statutes. In particular, Brinks is a Home Security company, who is regulated by the State of Oklahoma Health Department. Yes, the health department! So, in reading the laws, you will see that the contract you have with Brinks is invalid, NULL / VOID! YES! They are in multiple violations of the state law. I am in the process and have sent Brinks certified mail stating all of their violations to get out of my contract. I will post again, when I get my settlement or my day in court! Wish me luck!

D Jenks, Oklahoma U.S.A.

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Nomen Nescio
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Dear Angry Man:

If you are unable to read or understand the contracts you sign I suggest you take them to someone can read them and would be willing to explain the terms to you. I'm thinking you would probably come out ahead paying a lawyer to do this for you.

Dear Laura:

Some people lie. Sometimes salesmen lie, even after they promised you on their Salesman's Honor that they never lie. So you have to read the contract before you sign it to keep them honest. If you are unable to read or understand the contract then take it to someone who can before you sign it.

Dear Jenks:

If you weren't able to read or understand the long term contract you signed with Brinks then what is it that makes you think you can read and understand the statutes of Oklahoma?

So how much do you think your day in court will cost you regardless of whether you win, which the odds would seem to be against. I suggest you buy a lottery ticket in lieu having your day in court.

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Wanton Willie C.

it seems Wanton Willie C. is a supporter of Brinks. (ie.. big company rip-off's inc...) RTS

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Rocky T Squirrel

Mr. Squirrel:

I'm suggesting that people whose cognitive deficiencies prevent them for reading or understanding a contract such as a Brinks long term service agreement take that contact to a trusted friend or an attorney so the terms of contract can be explained to them in words they can understand. If you think this is supporting Brinks then I would group you with those whose deficiencies in understanding suggest they should seek help from others before agreeing to long term obligations they may later come to regret.

On the other hand if people are just too damn lazy or too irresponsible to bother to read or know what they obligated themselves to, then I say to them: Pay up Sucker. Maybe it will be a learning experience for them.

To everybody else I say live up to what you have contracted to do.

Good luck Mr. Squirrel.

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