ITG Card and Static Routes


does anyone know if it's possible to add and activate two static routes on an ITG card? one for ELAN and the other TLAN.

at the moment, the only active route i have in the route net table is for the TLAN. it looks like -

destination | gateway |

it's taken from the ITG shell. from OTM the GW settings for the ELAN and TLAN are different.

thx, wonga316

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thanks guys. I found the commands 'routeAdd' and 'mRouteAdd'. i also found a in otm tab called snmp traps / routing and ips. it's the card routing table entries section.

Ray wrote:

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Via OTM or the card CLI. I seem to remember (been a while since I touched an ITG!!) that routes are flushed on a card reboot - worth checking

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Yes it is possible,

You can create a gateway for the elan during installation. Its in the same commandline when you give the ITG-card its ip-adres for the Elan. For t-lan you can define a gateway with OTM or in the command line interface. Give ? for all possible commands, There is one command like set route or something like that.


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