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I've bought the projector - and to be honest I think it's awesome solution for home theatre! Watching dvd movies at just white wall gives total cinema experience and the unit produces reallty colorful, sharp and dynamic picture. Also for DVD source resolution of WVGA is just great and quite enough for making cinema effect. Despite 7 colours wheel running at 4x speed raindow effect is noticeable - I can see it very often, but after some time of watching the rainbow became almost invisible - so, it's a mind thing :)

But I have one problem - I can't turn off or detach in some way build-in speakers - mayby someone of you could help me with this? I can't find proper settings in menu, so I guess there have to be some way to manually detach cables or speakers?

Best Regards LB

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Don't run your audio to it...

Although, there should be a setting somewhere in the menu to disable it I would think.

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