Why I won't be buying a Nest Protect

My views on this device and how it fits with my existing home automation system:

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WTF would anybody want a thermostat on Wi-Fi to remote control it anyway?

Get a programmable unit, with a vacation setting and set it up and forget about it.

Or perhaps you want Google to control your heat for you? Maybe spy on you so they know when you are home?

Talk about abuse of technology.

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I've heard the Nest thermostats are a hit with owners of rental property. It allows them to adjust the temperature before/after a tenant arrives/leaves without the necessity of physically driving out to the property.

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Marc Guardiani

Do you need to curse when disagreeing? It doesn't add to your credibility.

That will not offer any help if the occupant decides to change the date for the end of their vacation/absence.

You appear to write as a salaryman with a single home who has no concept of, let alone empathy with, others with very different lifestyles. The fact that your situation can not benefit from a remotely controllable thermostat does not make other people who can benefit into abusers of anything.

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Anthony R. Gold

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