Where to buy: NetCallerID...?


I've never thought the price of the phone feature CallerID was worthwhile.

Too expensive! Month after month...

Now I'm considering it because I'm such a techno geek!

Mister House (and many others) can announce the caller, given the right hardware and of course the CallerID service.

The hardware product of choice seems to be the NetCallerID. Not only that but they're fairly cheap; between $15 and $30.

The place that had 'em for $15 (including S & H) isn't there? I tried the provided link, but no luck:

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After all it WAS a clearance item. But the store is gone too!

None on eBay. I checked first!

Not at Smarthome.com

Google produced many results - mostly forums, etc. Nobody sellin!

So my question is: Where can I buy one of these units?



Jack :)

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Jack Edin
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Thanks Eric!

Got one coming!!

Luckily I have a PayPal account, as their shopping cart only uses this method.

The unit is $5.99 + $5 S&H per unit! So $10.99 isn't bad...

Thanks again for the tip!

Jack :)


Any idea how to get the CallerID service for cheap?


Eric Schuyler wrote:

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Jack Edin

Jack Edin wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@comcast.com:


Here's one place that claims to have "a few" for $5.99:

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Look on the left under "Digital Caller I.D. Box".

Regards, Eric

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Eric Schuyler

For callerid you can just use a standard dialup modem, you can find those for almost nothing anywhere. If you want callerid service for less $$$, check out some of the voip providers out there. Pretty much all of them include it with basic service.

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Worth it just for cheap entertainment. "I tried calling you but no answer" You can see that they are lying. Don't tell them, but let the ol' elephant store the info about their dishonesty.

Too expensive? How much is it there? Here it is number only for $2, name and number for $3. More expensive areas near here is $6.

Month after month, that sounds like a old person. Yes, you pay the charge monthly, that is how most bills are done. Would you rather pay a one-time charge instead?

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