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I want to add a bar code scanner under the cabinet, so to scan the milk jug or whatever when it's low. That item should be looked up and identified, and automatically added to the Shopping List. The shopping list may optionally be transmitted at some interval to a vendor for fullfillment.

Anybody heard of this? Anybody want to build it?

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Dandelion Acres
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Something like this?

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Brad H

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Brad Houser

There have been several threads on this topic over the last few years. Most people seem to be using either a CueCat (search Google and eBay) or a regular bar code scanner that plugs into your keyboard or USB port.

As far as a UPC database, your best bet is probably to just teach to system as you go, or do a big sweep through your pantry one time. From then on, when the scanner comes across something it doesn't recognize, the computer would beep at you and ask you to enter a description.

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That looks interesting, but I noticed this message on their "Try It Now" page:

*** Sorry, we no longer sell Beeline Shopper Kits ***

I'd like to get a scanner, if there was a published protocol for downloading scanned barcodes from it (using my own software).


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Cue Cat and HomeSeer (prob. over kill on software)

Several people do this already. Some have gotten better scanners off eBay old retail and ditched cue cat.

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"Brad Houser" wrote in news:d3p2bv$d44$1

There is an option to replace stuff on your list with "Beeline's Suggestion". Sorta scary ... seems like beeline has a lot of partnership, and who knows if their suggetion is really the best suggestion ; )

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Lucas Tam

I use the Symbol SPT1500 unit. It is a regular PALM OS system with a built in bar scanner. It reads just about every style of bar coding including postal zip codes.

OnHand Software is available from Stevens Creek

I have a couple extra SPT1500 scanners for anyone that is looking for them. $95 including the software.

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Try this one:

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Russ Zaccari

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