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I came to this group in search of the knowledge I needed for a project. That project is complete, and since my vocational and avocational interests lie elsewhere, I'll be moving on. I just wanted to thank you all for the technical help you've provided. Also, thanks for the occassional laughs.

That said, here's the finished project:

formatting link
click on the /click here for more info/ link. This stuff is designed for technical training schools. Our customers include tech colleges, tech high schools, and many commercial training companies. I edited and/or wrote the textbooks, and did my best to incorporate the realities of your workplace, given the severe schedule I was given. The best part of these courses is the hands-on exercises that allow students to DO the things we describe. The second-best part is that these courses are easy for the instructors to use.

I'll hang out for a day or two, but other projects are calling. Thanks again for all your help.

John O

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John O

\> > "my vocational and avocational interests lie elsewhere"

Electronics and computer technology training systems here at work, and kid stuff (baseball, horse shows, and Boy Scouts) at home.

John O Gilwell: C-23-01 and C-12-05 (a cryptic reference to one of those things...)

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