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I would like to announce I have started a new forum. It is not to support any one company or manufacture, which is why I chose a forum-hosting site, instead of hosting it on my servers. I hope you will use it as a resource to ask industry experts questions on various products including Home Automation, Home Theaters, Lighting Control, and Home Wireless products.

If you are an industry expert, please join the forum. No direct advertising is allowed, but you may use the signature as a business card. In addition, you must post substantial answer to questions.

My main goal was to bring more information specifically to those "Do-It-Yourself" community. I feel the home automation industry is finally reaching that point where average homeowners with good support can install their own systems.

I personally bring to the forum 12 years of electronic technology experience and specifically almost 6 years of Home technology experience. I have trained thousands of HAI dealers across the USA, on how to install and sell HAI products and associated third party products. Now that I left HAI, I have been looking for a venue to offer my knowledge and experience to those who want home technology.

I hope you find it a valuable location to find answers. As with any forum, it is only as good as those who use it.

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