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The New Automated Home forums are now on-line! - Our new improved forums are now up and running on the excellent vBulletin system providing enhanced performance as well as many new features. Here's a top ten of some of the highlights...

  1. RSS Feeds - Feeds are now available for each individual forum as well as a separate "General" feed of the last posts across all forums (click on the RSS symbol in your browser).

  1. Email subscriptions - You can now subscribe to an individual thread to be notified of a new post, even if you haven't posted in that thread yourself. You can also subscribe to an entire forum to be notified when any posts are made to it.

  2. Better Resizing - The new Forums will resize down to a much narrow width than before. It's readable in 800x600 and you can even view it on mobile devices and smart phones...

  1. Improved search - The new search box is much more powerful and includes an "Advanced Search" form for even more options.

  2. Different viewing modes - You can choose to watch the forums in standard Linear mode or switch to Threaded or Hybrid views.

  1. Collapsible forum sections - you can collapse the sections you aren't interested in and just see the forums you want.

  2. Printable versions - Proper printable versions of threads are now available complete with long URLs for your reference.

  1. Personalisation - New Signatures and Avatars options are available.

  2. Sharing a post - You can now easily link to an individual posts. Each post has a number in the top left (eg - "#13"), just click on this and cut and paste the URL to share that exact message with someone else.

  1. Tinned Meat - Improved handling and moderation of new members should see a big reduction on unwanted posts offering sites with naked ladies and various pills

The forums are reachable from the link in the navigation box top left of

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as usual, or you can bookmark
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if you prefer.


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Lots of generic text promoting your site but I saw nothing about how it relates to home automation, other than the name or why anyone should look at it.

Looked for previous posts from you and there was only one other, also promoting your site

"Otto-Mate" wrote >

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B Fuhrmann


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Frank Olson

Their site has been there for a long time. It's more oriented towards the EU and Britain so there's more of a Euro-contingent there than here. But it's a legitimate automation site.

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