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I'm a novice and been searching for articles in this group for ways to isolate a homeplug network for external interference (other networks, harmonics, etc.) coming from other appartments, so my internal network becomes clean and I could use several OvisLink HP-1000U in my house at full bandwidth possible (with 10mbps I'm OK).

I'm planning to put a low-pass filter (think anything under 100Khz should work since I want to attenuate 1Mhz freqs and superiors) just BEFORE the power distribution box. A filter like a butterworth pi (2 capacitors in parallel with 1 or 2 series inductors in between) should work...

I've seen commercial ones very expensives -for what they do- (US$ 60) at Leviton's, and they only bear 20 A!!! They'd die at the first short circuit... maybe leaving the inductors in open-circuit (!)

My questions are:

1) Does exists a non-intrusive low-pass filter? I mean one that doesn't need to open wires, just put it around the line

2) Is possible to build or buy one who bears more decent amps in case of a short circuit?

3) I don't know the right name for these... How should I search for that type of items in the web? low pass filter gives me very ambiguous result...

Many thanx, Cro

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Don Croata
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Powerline networking? In an apartment? You must be kidding. Unless you can crack open the breaker panel for the unit and install something you're not likely to effectively filter out everything.

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I'm not sure what you're trying to do. I don't think you need to filter but that may be because I'm not sure why you think you need one. Have you found you have limited bandwidth? HomePlug uses 2MHz-28MHz so you would need to block everything in that range.

You might try

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BTW, where do you get the OvisL>Hi,

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