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Just tried this firewall for a while, seemed ok, setup was better than all the other free firewalls. Patch tuesday arrived and after downloading all security updates from windows updates everything went nicely until KB917422 which failed to install. Rebooted, thinking that mickeysoft was the problem, and now the problems really began. First off got a visual basic error stating buffer overrun etc etc., clicked ok on the box and then endless boxes appeared stating IE explore.exe runtime error. rebooted again still thinking ms was to blame, but firewall did not load, antivirus did not load, internet connection would not connect. Felt that system was stuffed so loaded true image image from earlier, before installing comodo firewall (good thinking) and all returned to normal. Tried to install windows updates and, surprise surprise, all downloaded and installed ok. Went to comodo forums to see if anyone else had problems, there was one other person posted same problem, obviously i chimed in with my support and explanation. Three days later and after suffering the onslaught of the usual fanboys there was an explanation/resolution/apology/workaround to this problem, It seems that comodo firewall relies on MSIE and active x to run correctly, now i have found from previous forays into this ng that the majority of people with the knowledge find that active x and MSIE to be the main cause of security problems on the net. Should i continue to run comodo.

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Just to let you know that there is an imminent release due of CPF that does away with MSIE. MSIE was only used for some GUI related issues and it took a lot of memory. so with this new release due out shortly the mem usage will be down to around 16Meg and no MSIE!

thank you for trying our software.


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Many thanks for the info, i look forward to new version.

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