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i am set up behind a router (hardware firewall). even so, i like the idea of knowing when my programs are sending information over the net. i'd like to be able to approve or deny such requests.

i have zone alarm installed on one computer, however, installing it has been a nuisance on another computer. i don't need all of ZA's functionality. i just want to monitor my programs contacting the net and be able to approve or deny such contacts.

is there any software out there that is free and will enable this w/o the headaches of installing zone alarms free product?


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"skeeterbug" wrote in news:1103344962.917845.243110

It's a waste of time.

It's a waste of time.

If you look for it, you'll be wasting your time.

The job of a FW is not to be doing program control at the machine level, which can be beaten by malware easily.

Application Control is a crutch that too many home users depend upon and it's damn near worthless. You'll be better off using tools like Active Ports, Process Explorer and other such tools to look for yourself and harden the O/S to attack, instead looking to some PFW solution Application Control as your stops all and ends all solution.

BTW, a NAT router is not a FW appliance.

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Duane :)

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Duane Arnold

Duane Arnold schrieb:

Actually application control is very easy. Just control carefully what applications you install. But due to the 'hunter and gatherer' attidude of the average home user concerning software it is impossible in the real world.



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