Any dual wan routers without a firewall?


I recently purchased the Twin Wan XC-DPG503 from Set up was easy and I was doing session based load balancing and failover with my ADSL and Cable modem internet connections right out of the box with a few minor modifications.

The problems started when one particular application called ILX which provides realtime information on stocks, would not work. I contacted ILX support and they gave me a PDF with a bunch of ports to open. Only problem was that the DPG503 did not have anyplace to open ports for all PC's except for a screen called "Special Applications". I entered the information and it still didn't work, and then I read that only one PC at a time can use special applications. I have 5 PC's. That's when I turned on transparent bridging, this was supposed to bypass the firewall features of DPG503. Still, no luck. BTW, ILX works fine with a simple router.

So, does anyone know of a router that supports failover for cable modem and ADSL and does not use a firewall or has a firewall that can be completely disabled? Load balancing would be nice, but I can live without it.


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Ned Hart
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Funny, you're actually asking for a router _without any firewall_, in :)

You should have a look at Cisco's modular routers. I'm not sure if you can get an interface for your cable modem, but I wouldn't be surprised. I know I can put ADSL interfaces in my 1720s at least. Maybe ethernet is all you need for the cable modem?

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Eirik Seim

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This one looked interesting until I looked at the online user manual. It appears to be the Twin wan from Xincom with a nice coat of read paint and new name. All the menus were identical.

Thanks anyway, I'll keep looking around.

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