How Multimode Fiber Splitters Are Made

I'm I'm trying to see if it is possible to make large-core, multimode splitters with custom fiber for a non-telecom application.

I would like to educate myself in the fabrication methods prior to continuing my search for vendors.

I'm not having any luck dealing with telecom vendors, they only want to do

62.5 micron or single mode. I suspect they are only equipped to deal in standard parts. Even with non-telecom vendors, they are willing to sell me a bifurcated bundle but not a single fiber splitter.

Can someone point me to a good reference article or book that would give a survey of the technology?



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Try Not sure if they are still in business I have been out of the fiber industry for a while. They actually used to make MM large core couplers. In the catalog that I have from 2001 they also have a nice explanation of how the couplers are made. There is also a UK company called Sifam who will make custom stuff but I don't know if they work in the MM range.

Hope this helps.

P. Danek

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You might try PLC Connections

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I know they have done MM work and they specialize in custom jobs.

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