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Flawed fiber-optic imaging patent?
There's a patent claiming to image an object directly through a single fibe r. If true, that would represent a significant breakthrough over the use of a imaging fiber-optic bundle. A PDF of the...
9 years ago
Condux Fiber Optic Blower 08761306 for sale
I have "Condux Fiber Optic Blower 08761306" for sale on ebay. 2 more days before the auction is close. Link:
9 years ago
Telecom-style ND filters?
Hi, all, I need some ND filters for a stabilized laser product I'm designing. Ideally it would be about 5 mm in size and less than 1 mm thick. The fallback position is to use a polarizer, which I can...
10 years ago 12
Fiber novice makes progress
As I said in my original missive 4 months back, this really belongs in something like or but there are no such groups. Starting from more or less nowhere, I've gotten fiber strung across my campus...
11 years ago 6
doping profile and refractive index profile of optical fiber amplifier
Does anyone know how to measure the doping profile and refractive index profile of optical fiber amplifier? Many people know. It's in all the textbooks, having been worked out between 1975 and 1985,...
13 years ago 9
SDH Interoperability.
Hi All My question is regarding the inter-operability of SDH Systems from different vendors. I hope I have reached the correct forum....if not please ignore. Here is the scenario: 1) Case 1: Nortel...
16 years ago 2
fiber microbend and strain analysis
hi. i am working on distributed fiber optic raman temperature sensor. since we are using gold coated fiber to measure high temperature, we found that there is large variation in temperature reading....
14 years ago