Advice on electronic module for optical switch

I'm new to all this, so hope you don't mind...
I'm looking for a (small) electronic component that can do an optical switch
(mirror?) from 2 input fibers to 1 output fiber.
So the following functionality:
-2 (glass fiber) inputs (preferable ST connectors)
-1 (glass fiber) output (preferable ST connector)
-all in visible light range (380nm-780nm)
-By using an electronic signal 1 of the 2 inputs must be directed to the
output. So I can choose which input is switched to the output.
-Switching time is not important.
Any links/websites/names are welcome!
bhotting at planet dot nl
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b. hotting
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For telecom type fibres like SM and GIMM 50/125 and 62.5/125 switches are available. Are you using these GIMM fibre for visible light? Or are you using another type of fibre?
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is a typical example. Google for optical switch with the fibre type. Arnie
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