Testing Link aggregation without LACP

Hi, I need some help in testing a Fast Ethernet card in SONET ADM with support for Ethernet Over Sonet. This card supports link aggregation but without LACP support. We can call this port trunking, Can some one help me in this regard to know are there Traffic Generators available to test this functionality and does LACp supported Traffic Generators can be used for this purpose.

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This may not be good enough and it would be surprising if no one made a tester however I know that Cisco will do a multi channel agregated link without LACP. You could maybe use a high speed interface and send the packets over the agregated link. Most likely won't give you the control you need.

Note that Cisco use different terminology here from some.

EtherChannel or PortChannel - Agregated link Trunk - Multiple VLANs in one link (or agregated link of course)

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