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According to the IEEE std 802.3-2002 section two, the electrical separation shall withstand the following electrical strengt test:

- 1500Vrms at 50-60Hz for 60sec, applied as specified in IEC60850.

What is the foundation of this safety requirement? - insulation: reinforced? - definition of ethernet; SELV or TNV??

If ethernet is used between two SELV circuits, does the requirement of the high electric strength test voltage still apply?

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First of all, the specification is IEC 60950 (in case you were trying to find it in 60850).

The specification ensures that a fault within the Ethernet device (computer, repeater, bridge, etc.) does not propagate to other devices connected through the network. Essentially, it is a requirement on the coupling transformers used to connect to the communications medium.

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In most cases, it is the breakdown voltage on the transformers.

It does need to be transformer isolated as it often operates between stations with different grounding points.

I still haven't gotten around to testing UTP ethernet with a large AC common mode voltage on the cable, just to see if it really works. Probably 240V would be enough for me.

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