Warranty on used devices.

Do you know whether I can apply a assistance contract on a device bought as used? Obviously if Cisco still supply warranty for it.


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You can purchase SmartNet (Cisco support) on any Cisco device, new or used.


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In article , thrill5 top-posted:

:You can purchase SmartNet (Cisco support) on any Cisco device, new or used.

- If the device has been off of support for 1 year or more, Cisco may refuse to offer hardware support for it.

- Cisco will not offer any support for used devices that have not been "relicensed".

- AFAIK, you cannot buy support that would extend past the 5th anniversary of the device going EOL.

- "Relicensing" prices are not tied to street value. An early 2500 series router with a street value of $US20 may have a relicensing cost in the thousands of dollars.

- "Relicensing" prices are also not tied to "equivilent value". If, for example, you find that a brand new 1800 is faster, has more modern software, and sells for cheaper than the corresponding

1700 ever did new, then you may find that the relicensing cost for the 1700 is pegged higher than the cost of buying that new 1800. I don't know how the relicensing prices are determined, but it seems tied to the -original- purchase price of the device [when it was new and cutting edge...]
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Walter Roberson


You may wish to investigate the Cisco SMARTnet=AE Pricing Calculator:

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as well as Cisco Software Relicensing For Used Cisco:

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Additionally, Cisco "service contracts" are available for Used Cisco at Cisco Repair Worldwide:

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