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Hello everyone,

I have 2 sites, lets call them Site A and B, and on site A which has 2 ISP's we have 2 pix 506E, and on site B 1 PIX 501.

I am trying to accomplish some kind of failover, and my question is: Would it be possible to create 2 VPN tunnels from B to A using two separate ISP links, but both converging to the same protected site A LAN?

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Julian Dragut
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do you want a smiple answer or a long answer....

Your point of failure though sounds like the "ONE" ISP linkat site B..

all depends on how your site A is configured. Are the PIX's set-up in an HA mode?

If so then there is your redundancy anyhow.

If they are 2 distinctly addresses PIX's it is possible to accomplish, the tricky part will be routingback to site B private addressing... hence the dependency on how are you routing outbound through your ISP's?

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