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I'm reviewing some configs that were done before I got here. I had a quick question on storm-control that I've never been sure about. The command "storm-control action trap"... does that just generate traps when passing the threshold levels, or does it filter too? I've seen posts in doing searches that say that it's trap only, and some that say filter and trap. Could it be different for different models and IOSes?


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conf t int X storm-control action shutdown storm-control action trap storm-control broadcast level pps 100 storm-control multicast level pps 100 end

notice that i configured shutdown as well as trap, this within two sepperate lines. trap only warns you that it exeeded the threashold. shutdown, well as it says, it pulls the port down.

sometimes it is used together with:

errdisable recovery cause storm-control errdisable recovery interval 30

recovering 30 sek after the shutdown and giving it another try.

be sure where you are deploying it, otherwise things go up n down... but at least you got the logs..


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