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We've got several remote sites that have a 3500XL switch running 12.0 (5)WC17 as the core of their network. All of them are showing cpu utilization around 35-55% pretty much constantly. Does this have a large impact on performance?

- is this too high? Shouldn't it be more like

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My memories of 2924-XL switches suggest the XL series are quite normal in this respect. Our 2924-XL's used to sit at around 30% most of the time, regardless of the traffic passing the device. I suspect this is normal behaviour for yours. When we moved to 2950's, 3560's they all ran lower than that, around 5% load.

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There are documents on

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that describe troubleshooting steps. Search for [3500xl cpu], first hit is: "High CPU Utilization on Catalyst 2900XL/3500XL Switches"

I have not read this document however if you are still concerned please post the output from:-

sh proc cpu

at a time when you are experiencing the high CPU.

As already mentioned 30% is not so much and the switch does not use the CPU when forwarding packets. (with a few exceptions).

Couldn't resist a peek at the document - "Therefore, it is normal for a 2900XL or 3500XL switch to indicate a CPU utilization value of 30 percent to

50 percent, even under minimal load."
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I think 35-55% is pretty good,because forwarding the packets takes much amount of process but we need to check the logs. could you provide processess cpu result and the logs as well. so that we can isolate where the problem is.

thanks, siva.

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