portfast bpduguard..

So given that bpduguard will disable, (possibly forever) ports upon receiving a BPDU.

The question is: does portfast (on an access port) prevent BPDU from being sent?

At issue is that I do not have administrative access to lets say switch A, but would like to add Switch B. if switch A has bpduguard enabled, and i treat the "link" on switch B as an access port with portfast, will that suppress BPDU's ?

If not, how can STP be neutered ?

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No. Portfast only enable the port to skip the learning and listenning states and go ahead to the forwarding state of STP. That is why when you enable portfast on an interface, you get a big warning about connecting the interface to end devices only!

Disable STP on that port.


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