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fw2(config)# ip address outside Warning : IP and subnetmask form invalid pair indicating broadcast address

What's that? My default gateway is .31

Could you tell me what's wrong and why? I can't get it.



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I don't know about the warning message, but combination

defines a subnet -

where .32 is the network address and .35 the broadcast address. I'm afraid that you can't have .31 and .32 in the same subnet if you use mask .252, because CIDR doesn't work so that you could select any consecutive IP addresses and make a subnet.

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Jyri Korhonen


.32 is the network address for the next subnet. What I dont understand how the default gateway is .31!!! This is a broadcast address!!! with a mask of is not valid. With that subnet you can only have a possible two hosts on the network... and .30


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He's obviously got it set up wrong on his gateway as well then! He really needs to confirm what his IP allocation really is.


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