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We have about 40 Switches in our network which span 9 buildings with T1 connection between the buildings. Our Internet connections is very very very slow. An analysis done by a consulting company suggested that we add spanning-tree root value o all our core switches. Would this improve our internet experince, or are ther other things the we can do to improve or Internet performance. Thanks.

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looking at the amount of buildings and switches you are mentioning, I asume you have several hundred users ? I would have a look at the load on the T1. Depending on the IOS version you are running on the router connecting to the Internet, you could either turn on ip accounting on the interface where the T1 is connecting to (with the =B4ip accounting=B4 interface command), and then look at the output with the =B4show ip accounting=B4 command, this will show you the source and destination IP address pairs, as well as the amount of packets sent. Possibly, your users are running streaming audio or video over the T!, which would quickly saturate the link. You could also try and turn on NBAR protocol discovery, with the interface command =B4ip nbar protocol-discovery=B4, and then look at the output with the =B4show ip nbar protocol-discovery=B4 command.=20



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As you seem to have concluded you need expert help on site.

It is not clear if you have got it in this case or not.

Setting the STP 'root value' or more correctly Bridge Priority may or may not change the topology. If it does change the topology it may or may not be better for any particular traffic.

A half decent model is that to get between any two points on the network traffic goes via the root. It is best if the root is at the centre since if the root is at an edge some traffic may have to traverse twice the diameter of the network to get between two points. If the root is at the centre then the max "distance" between two points is only the network diameter.

Note that traffic does not necessarily go all the way to the root. That is though the worst case.

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