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I have address PA and static nat, we setup bgp but for few days we need to have static nat on old link together with bgp session. The question is: When we start bgp the static nat will was fail? Prefixs from bgp will in route table and static nat will try to exit by bgp with incorrect source address

I think that i need do this for time when i will use bgp and nat together

neighbor filter-list 5 in ip as-patch access-list 5 deny .*

Am i correct?

best regards p

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i do not know

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Have you tested and this is, in fact, the result? A connected network is always preferred over a bgp route. If the NATed network is not directly connected to this router, you could set a static route to that network to give it preference over the bgp route. Why is a bgp route to one of your internal networks in your routing table, in the first place?

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ok, but i will have connected networks, bgp route and static default route to my present operator. I think that static default route have better administrative distance than routes from bgp and everything will be ok, i hope :)

connected route 0 static route 1 eBGP 20

best regards p

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