ASA5510 unable to talk between ethernet 0/1 and 0/2


I have setup ASA5510 and 0/1 and 0/2 were unable talking to each other. Here is the configuration: ethernet 0/0 outside security level 0 ethernet 0/1 inside security level 100 ethernet 0/2 private security level 100

same-security-traffic permit inter-interface access-list nonat extended permit ip access-list nonat extended permit ip nat (Inside) 0 access-list nonat nat (Inside) 1 nat (private) 0 access-list nonat nat (private) 1

The servers on both side were able to access internet.. When I try to ping and the following error log from the firewall log: portmap translation creation failed for icmp src Inside: private: 8, code 0)

Any help is appreciated.

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The ASA has no state about such a connection. So you are required to guide the initial way though the system: static (inside,private) netmask static (private,inside) netmask

Have fun.

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