Whats the difference between clear ip bgp in and soft in?


Currently studying BSCI using Cisco Press, by Paquet 2nd Ed, and got slightly confused by the book.

Is "clear ip bgp x.x.x.x in" hard reset or soft reset? If it is a hard reset, then shouldn't TCP session with the BGP neighbor outbound reset as well? If it is a soft reset, what is the difference with "clear ip bgp x.x.x.x soft in"?

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Guan Foo Wah
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clear ip bgp x.x.x.x soft in requires soft reconfiguration, i.e. the router stores all incoming BGP updates of a npeer in memory and the commands uses these stored updates.

clear ip bgp x.x.x.x in

issues a route refresh message and this way asks the peer to resend all his bgp updates.

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