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I need to roll out the VPN client to *LOTS* of laptop users who range from "Users" to "Local Admin's" on the WXP boxes. I have installed the 4.6.0 client and need to find a way of locking down the client so the users cannot change the settings we deploy onto these, as users being users they will want to play

Is there anyway you can lock down the VPN client to stop this kind of playing. For example, if I turn on the Statefull FW I expect it to always be on and not for the user to click on the option and turn it off

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Steve Ray
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there is a way only give them read only access to the file is the simplest

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go here: C:\\program files\\Cisco Systems\\VPN Client\\Profiles in the .pcf files, put exclamation points (!) in front of each line u want to be read only.

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John Smith

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