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Hello all, I want to take the two exams, ICND1 + ICND2, separately. I bought a book, Cisco Certified Network Associate, which covers the composite exam (640-802). My question is:

I would like focus only on the ICND1 material only. Is there certain chapters in this book I should focus on? Where might I find detailed information on what is covered for each exam?

Thanks in advance for the help

Cheers Nick

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No one can tell you what chapters to read in a book without knowing which specific book your are talking about. Sybex has released multiple CCNA related books. Even in one book published in September of 2007, the ICND test topics overlap in most of the chapters, so you are reading most of the book for each test anyway.

You have a CCNA book which corresponds to one $150 test that gets you your CCNA title. Why are you trying to use that same book to study for two different $150 tests that get you the exact same title? The test fee, number of questions, and the time limit for all three of those tests are the same, just get it done in one shot. If it takes you two tries, then it was no more expensive than taking both ICND exams.

----- Scott Perry Indianapolis, IN


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Scott Perry

I have the Cisco set, but I also bought the CCENT study guide by Lammle.

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I started my Cisco course this week, but it's paced ridiculously slow for the not-so-smart in the class. It looks like I'll be going off on my own.

I'm used to the classmates in my graduate courses, who are smart and articulate. The introductory post from one of the kids in the Cisco class is "ibeen using computers sense i was like 11."

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Which Cisco set do you have? CCNA Official Exam Certification Library (CCNA Exam 640-802) (Exam Certification Guide) (Hardcover) by Wendell Odom Cisco Press; 3 edition (September 14, 2007) or CCNA Preparation Library (7th Edition) (Self-Study Guide) (Hardcover) by Stephen McQuerry (Author) Cisco Press; 7 edition (March 28, 2008)? The latter is more expensive but got 5 stars from 5 custometrs while as the former has 4 1/2 stars from 32 customers.

Certified Entry Networking Technician Study Guide: ICND1 (Exam

640-822) (Exam 640-822 With CD)". I wonder whether the author/ publisher means that cd covers for full CCNA exam while the book i for CCENT exam. Can anyone verify?

Just use the access you have through the program and fo with your pace. My instructor said that one student uses that packet tracer software and did all simulation and took CCNA exam by the end of the second class (out of 4). He's a high school student and probably didn't work anywhere and probably had a lot of time.

I need to get the CCNA certification done asap and so I am thinking not to do subbing on Fridays and use Fri, Sat, Sun to have my own study plan different from the cisco academy class, living like a robot, study, cook, clean, sleep. work.

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I have the exam cert. guide, because that's what my professor suggested.

The CD covers just this book (CCENT) because it has a chapter by chapter list.

That's what I'm going to do. If I had all the time in the world, the courses here go through CCNP. But that's TWO YEARS!

I figure at the very least there are enough practice exams out there to keep track of how I'm doing. I should be able to go off on my own. The Cisco academy courseware is pretty efficient.

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hey what's wrong with that? So have I - thats, erm, nearly 'like' 30 years :)

Let me guess, you're on "Discovery" or similar? Personally I'd prefer a pile of RFCs and a box of parts but when it comes to jobs in a tough world at least we'll be more hands-on than the "kids". Come the revolution.... etc

That is, if I don't die soon. 2 years on day-release for a CCNA. What was I thinking? I wonder if I could just read ahead on Academy and have a stab. Any slower and we'll be tested on IPv9 and talking about root- derived window reduction over legacy Terrabit copper

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