642-801 Passed with 790 - Only just! - Got a quick EIGRP Q

Hi all,

feels like someone spent the last 2 hours hitting me on the head with a

3640! :) But got the pass mark so wont complain about difficulty levels...

Just a quick Q:

On EIGRP I was given the 5 metrics and the (D)elay was in msec! I think that the Delay always is given in a unit which is fed into the config but I thought this needed to be changed... Correct me if I am wrong but the Delay unit is "10 microseconds" which would mean that the 5 msec should appear as "B 500 R L M" because 500 * 10 microsec makes 5000 micro which is 5milisec.

Can you let me know if this is correct or I am making things up!



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Johnny Noitargim
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Hi Johnny, In my private opinion you are right. I hope that 'm' for cisco means mili not micro. Regards, Andrew

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