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How would I find someone intelligent enough to pull and terminate 300 pair through 280 feet of 4" feeder duct plus some other temp work fixing and re-routing cables and terminating? I would only need some help for a couple of days.

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You might try the technical temp agencies. A few years ago, I could have recommended some installers, but I haven't talked to them since then.

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James Knott

To find a cabling contractor you can use BICSI's member search here:

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Use "toronto" as a search keyword. Some of the members that come up are actually end-users, but quite a few appear to be contractors, and the phone numbers are there for you to use. This would be your most reputable cabling contractors in the area.

Alternatively, you can try our contractor directory here:

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and, likewise, run a search for Toronto. I'm not sure we have Toronto contractors registered yet though.

Good luck!

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