Burial duct

I need some direct burial duct to be laid in a trench. (Not rammed in..) ~1200 ft worth.

What's the right buzzword to call it? Source?

Assuming we get the polyethylene pipe flavor; what's a reasonable pull length?

Do those internal ribs buy you anything when you're pulling not just fiber, but fiber and copper and maybe coax?

An alternative would be Schedule 40 PVC of say 3" dia, and pull boxes. Does that have any pluses?

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David Lesher
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I've always done 4" Schedule 40 pipe. If this is for fiber for a telco, most have a standard of 4" ducting, and would complain at a 3" duct.

Can't tell you at that length. Minimize any bends though. Do sweeps rather than elbows or 45's.

The "standard" way is to pull innerduct inside the 4" duct (ie. Carlon makes a wide range). I've been told the ridges are for holding pulling lube & reducing friction. You could fit 4 1" innerducts pretty easily in a 4" duct. If you utilize two of the innerducts, that future proofs you for two more to use if you need to pull something else down the line.

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Doug McIntyre

David Lesher wrote in part:

Maybe. Keep in mind long tubes are _never_ straight. Worse after settling. They go up and down, side-to-side by at least one diameter many times over a run. When you pull anything, it goes in taut -- you can only relax 10-30' at each end. The rest of it is the straightest shot through all the slow bends. The lines aren't twisted, but the pipe is! Long repulls can fail.

Mostly minuses of water inflitration, breathing and sweating. You know to stay away from 90'elbows -- one of the few times it's OK to think like an electrician!

-- Robert

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