Linksys Log to Macintosh?

My set-up includes a Linksys BEFSR41 router and a Power Macintosh running OS X 10.3.5.

I've seen some PC apps for reading and saving the Linksys Log Table but have not run across one for Macintosh. (I know I can view the Log via the Linksys web interface.)

Can I do this from the OS X Terminal application using the command line interface? Or how about AppleScript? Please supply specifics!

On a Mac, does the option in the Linksys web interface in the Log panel to "Send Log To: work? Where would the file be saved on my Mac?

Many thanks!


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Visit for links and instructions for logging traffic on Linksys routers. I've been using this facility for more than a year.

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Tom Stiller

You would need an appropriate SNMP Trap Service logger loaded. I use WallWatcher {

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} but alas, there is no MAC OS X version of this great software.

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David H. Lipman

I just found this software "linksyslogviewer" . Needs OS X 10.3 and works on the BEF series of Linksys routers. Here's the link

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's open source and donationware.

*disclaimer* I just found it today and won't get a chance to install until the next few days, so how well it actually works is unknown at this point. I hope it works well, because I've been looking for an OSX app to do logging!

-- hope this helps

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It should be pretty straight forward. Linksys does its logging in the SNMP trap (port 162). I sure wish they'd use SYSLOG. This just one of the many reasons I wouldn't buy Linksys

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