in defense of VICE /

"> Here's where I've resolved it: If Steve Gibson hasn't thrown out a

flurry of red-flags, and my other scans are coming up clean, I'm > blowing them off as some kind of hoax or probe until there's some > reliable feedback going on."

Um, ring 0 and 3 rootkits are not a hoax. Gibson is more worried about 4 year old firewall bypass techniques, than SOTA trojans.

"From the buzz already posted, it's not a hoax--just incompetent twits alpha-testing software and getting CNet to go along with their bullshit. (Or maybe they've paid CNet to plug it....)"

Hoglund's site is one of the best public rootkit sites. Just cause you didn't know how to interpret the results of VICE, doens't mean it's a bad tool. Were you expecting McAfee Super Rootkit Detector?

"> Am I the only one?"

"Nope. See other postings in this group."

Learn to use and understand hooks. Then criticize.


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