New version of CANAL/VSCP released

New version of CANAL/VSCP released

Version 0.1.3 of CANAL has been released today. This is mainly a bugfix release.

This release fixes the following issues:

- Fixed byteorder bug in UDP receive routine that failed to receive VSCP messages due to size interpreted wrong.

- Fixed constant renaming problem that made the Unix code fail to build.

- Increased the number of clients that can connect to 4096.

- Increased the number of devices that can be connected to 4096. Also fixed id uniqueness problem so that a device now have id's starting at 0x00010000 and client have id's starting at 0x00000000. Id's 0x00xx0000 is reserved for future types.

- Added the m swich to cancmd to input decimal numbers as normalized integers.

Also version 1.1 of the VSCP specification has been released and a testsuite for VSCP is now available.

The stuff can be downloaded from

formatting link
and from
formatting link
where the CVS also is available.

Enjoy! VSCP-Team.

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Ake Hedman
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