Chamberlain Smart Control Panel Struck Dumb

I have a rather nice garage door opener (Chamberlain HD900D). Since my wife sometimes forgets to close the garage door, I added a magnetic contact switch and an X10 PowerFlash module; that and a little HEYU scripting alerts me when the door is left open too long. Naturally I also need a way to close the door remotely, so I added an X10 Universal Module set for momentary relay closure and wired it across the opener's input terminals. While this does, indeed, actuate the garage door, it also causes the Smart Control Panel to completely wig out/reset, losing the clock settings and who knows what else in the process.

Anyone out there come up with a solution for this problem?

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Robert Higgins
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I'm running into the same thing connecting it to a relay on my Elk M1. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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